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Comprehensive Dental Care

Would you like to receive exceptional quality dental care in a relaxed and modern practice?

At Kings Road Dental Practice you can.

Would you like to visit a practice that can deliver all aspects of dentistry under one roof including orthodontics(straightening crooked teeth), periodontal care (treatment of gum disease), cosmetic dentistry and tooth whitening, dental implants, endodontics using the latest microscope techniques, non-surgical treatment of facial lines and wrinkles, not forgetting educating you and your family to help prevent dental problems?

We can meet all of your dental needs in one location without the need to refer you somewhere else.

Would you like to be looked after a friendly team of handpicked individuals who will listen to what you want?

We will provide you with all the options of treatment that are available and help you choose what’s best for you.

Do you want to know exactly how much your treatment is going to cost before we start?

We will always give you a written estimate and advise you of any changes in advance.

Would you like your children’s teeth looked after by a child friendly team who make dental visits fun and exciting?

We offer free consultations and routine dental care for your children if you are a private patient with us.

Do you want to know what the long term outlook is for your teeth?

We want you to have the best smile and the confidence that your mouth and teeth are healthy and well cared for.

Do you want to be sure that you are being afforded the best possible dental materials, techniques and cross infection prevention?

All our staff are committed to postgraduate learning programmes where new treatment techniques are established and passed on. Our new decontamination unit allows us to achieve best practice in cross infection techniques.



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